Wu Xie’en Awarded The Model of the Time of Jiangsu


On24th October, Wu Xie’en was awarded The Model of the Time at the ceremony organized by Provincial PartyCommittee Propaganda Department at Nanjing. Wang Yanwen, the minister ofProvincial Party Propaganda Department and the member of Standing ProvincialParty Committee, Yang Zhichun, the vice minister of Provincial Party CommitteePropaganda Department, Wang Guozhong, the member of Standing Wuxi PartyCommittee and the minister of Wuxi Party Propaganda Department, Chen Jinhu, themember of Standing Wuxi Party Committee and the secretary of Jiangyin Party Committee,Cheng Zheng, the member of Standing Jiangyin Party Committee and the member ofStanding Jiangyin Party Committee and other leader from Wuxi and JiangyinGovernment attended the ceremony. Zhao Yafu, the National Model of the Time awarded the medal and thecertificate of honor to Wu Xie’en.


Accordingto the article Wu Xie’en awarded The model of the Time of Jiangsu On XinhuaDaily on 26th October, Wu Xie’en is the chairman of Huaxi Group,the secretary of Huaxi Party Committee and the director of Huaxi Committee. Since2003, he led Huaxi people to build the new concept of century-old village andcentury-old enterprise, cultivate sustainable developing new energy by deepeningthe reform and transformation, broaden the road of common wealth, cultivate harmonioussociety by culture development and innovation, promote the new development ofthe Party by pragmatic and integrity, and have gained new achievements in thedevelopment of new socialist countryside. Wu Xie’en is the model of adaptingnew normalcy, practicing new concept and promoting reform development and the outstandingrepresentative of the time countryside basic Party cadre and the model of practicingsocialist core values. Under the leadership of Mr. Wu, Huaxi’s economy are growingbetter and better these years and every industry has went on a new step, whichalso helps him win the trust of people. At the ceremony, Mr. Wu said that hewould try every effort to work hard to make Huaxi more beautiful and happier. Hehoped that, as a reward, people will call him Old Secretary too like what theycalled his father before when he retired.